Our methodology includes a confidential based interview between each prospective candidate & the senior consultant responsible for the search . the consultant performs the following services for the client.
  1. Complete a job analysis
  2. Assist in the development of current job description
  3. Discuss a time for presenting elite candidates
  4. Conducts a behavioral based interview
  5. Discusses the client need & culture in great detail
  6. We make sure that the candidate accepts the offer if selected.
  7. Advise all other candidates of their status in a friendly & diplomatic manner .
Client Interviews
Our first step is to have a detailed knowledge into our clients organization & culture. We develop an understanding of the current business priorities, business climate & competitors of the clients. we discuss the growth of the candidate in detail so we could make sure that the candidate is aware of the importance to get into the company.

Candidate Identification
Once the requirements are agreed upon ,we start the search process by locating individuals with the skills & experience to go par with our clients requirements. Our sourcing methods include direct recruiting, database collection & career advertising through print & media. Interested candidates are thoroughly evaluated.

Candidate Reviews
We meet the client discuss the range of candidates & their sustainability & recommend the appropriate candidate.


We continue to monitor the progress of the selection process through both clients & candidate.

Our Commitment
should a new hire leave the company within three months we shall replace the same.