Why Companies are Turning to Business Process Outsourcing
Building Shareholder Value and Competitive Edge
The mission of our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) group is "To combine domain experts and technology to create shareholder value for the world's largest organizations by providing integrated business processes better, faster, and less expensively." Indeed, top corporate officers believe that Business Process Outsourcing is having a direct impact on improving shareholder value, according to our Global Top Decision-Makers Study on BPO, which interviewed the senior executives at 304 leading multinationals in 14 countries. About two-thirds (66%) of these executives report that BPO helps companies become more profitable, leading to improvements in shareholder value. Likewise, 62% say that increasing shareholder value is an important factor in considering BPO initiatives.

Strategic Benefits
In addition to building shareholder value, our BPO teams work with clients to achieve a number of other strategic benefits that executives seek from their BPO programs.

Achieve cost reductions - Through reengineering, process improvements, and advanced technologies, we eliminate unnecessary operating costs while reducing and bringing other administrative costs under better control.

Focus on company's core business - Management is freed up to focus more time, energy, and resources on building the company's core businesses - as we take on full responsibility for managing the day-to-day back-office operations.

Improve service quality - We organize and manage the business processes with a view to providing a higher level and quality of services to the business units, subsidiaries, and other users throughout the company.

Maintain competitive edge - We enable management to focus on building a more competitive business, and provide the supporting systems and services to help companies compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

Obtain outside expertise - elite minds top business, industry, and technical specialists provide management with valuable guidance and skills which are our core competencies and which the company may not have in-house.

Meet changing customer demands - Our outsourcing teams provide management with flexible and scalable services to meet their customers' changing requirements, and to support company moves, consolidations, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

Gain access to advanced technology - We design and implement enterprise information systems to support the business processes, and we manage the technology infrastructure with lower capital investments and training costs.

Achieve revenue enhancements - By outsourcing non-core processes, management can focus on increasing sales and market share, developing new and improved products, expanding into new markets, and enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

Make continuous improvements in process - We design, build, and manage the business processes to operate better, faster, and less expensively, and we work with clients to make continuous improvements in process effectiveness and efficiency.

Gain greater internal flexibility - Through outsourcing, management can focus on more strategic issues and other important company initiatives, and has more flexibility to assign staff and allocate resources to higher-value projects.

Changing the Future of Work - elite minds Offerings.

ELITE MINDS BPO Services and Global Reach Our BPO group provides a broad range of services which centre around our firm's core competencies in key areas:, Human Resources, e-marketing , Sales and Customer Support , Learning/Education - as outlined below:

Human Resources - Management of shared service centres/programs Dedicated Resource Organization , Information systems, recruiting and staff augmentation, relocation, expatriate programs, and administration.

e-marketing , Sales and Customer Support We bring product / service offerings of our Customer into the market a dedicated Sales force and Customer support mechanism and delivery .

Learning/Education - Management of company wide, integrated learning/education programs to support strategic business plans and to develop intellectual capital and skilled workforce; we provide infrastructure, learning systems, e Learning, call centres, logistics, technology, and administration.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner is key. In BPO, you have a business partner who is flexible in approach and sensitive to your business culture. A partner whose people not only excel in the areas you are considering outsourcing, but who also have the breadth and depth of experience to be able to offer you the comprehensive, multi-process solutions you need, where you want them.

Integrated Multi-Process Solutions - Moreover, we focus on providing strategic, multi-process, end-to-end business solutions that benefit the entire organization. We take a holistic approach to providing integrated business solutions that are properly coordinated across business units, related functions, and geographic regions. Companies want enterprise-wide results, and we streamline and integrate related processes to achieve further synergies and savings.
Elite minds BPO services help mitigate risks and secure benefits through a structured approach. These services include:
  •   Finance & Accounting
  •   Supply Chain Management
  •   Transcription Services
  •   Business Transcription
  •   Customer Relationship Management
  •   Leads Generation
  •   Data Conversion Services
  •   Form Processing
  •   Legal Consulting Service